Skin Care Directions
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Our cheesemaking kitchen is closed from December to March. The Delicate Doe goat milk skin care products may be purchased all year long through the website, email or by
telephone: 631-765-8042


American Cheese Society 2005, 2008,2009 Goat Cheese and Best Sheep Cheese 2013
available seasonally and subject to availability

Chevre - our award winning fresh goat cheese

Herbed Chevre - rolled in aromatic herbs

Feta Alfresco - mildly tangy and easy to crumble

Fresh Whole Milk Ricotta- creamy and delicious

Summer Cloud - a one year aged firm goat cheese

Creamy Sheep - rich and very smooth

Sundancer - aged sheep made in a romano style

Goat Milk Yogurt - delicious and nutritious

Goat Milk Fudge - sinfully rich and smooth

Peconic Bel - semi firm, slicing sheep milk cheese