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Pure Goat Milk SoapPure Goat Milk Crème | Spa Baskets

Premium Goat Milk Soaps

Our hand crafted, luxurious bars of pure goat milk soap are made with the finest oils, naturally moisture enhancing ingredients, skin-loving herbs and 100% fresh goat milk (not powdered like many other goat milk soaps). Each delicately fragranced bar gently cleanses and provides a layer of moisture rich protection to keep skin vibrant and healthy! These beautiful soaps are long lasting and will retain their lovely scents for the life of the bar (made even longer lasting by using a soap dish (see accessories).

Aloe & Vitamin E $6.00
Lightly scented with the delicate fragrance of Aloe, this bar is wonderful for those with sensitive or very dry skin.

Country Lavender $6.00
A perennial favorite, this bar boasts the lovely floral fragrance of Lavender dotted with tiny baby Lavender Buds.

Mango Passion $6.00
A terrific blend of tangy ripe Mango blended with sweet White Peach – a real tropical delight!

Oatmeal and Honey $6.00
The fabulous combination of Oatmeal, Almond, Brown Sugar and Honey blend together for an almost edible scent!

Rose Petals $6.00
A classic Tea Rose scent – not too strong, not too sweet and definitely not too stuffy! Tiny Rose Petals add just a bit of scrub!

Unscented $6.00
The gentle cleansing effect of pure goat milk without fragrance.

White Flowers $6.00
Our most popular scent, this combination of Lilac, Hyacinth and Jasmine is truly intoxicating!

Specialty Bars

NEW! Delicate Doe Complexion Bar $8.00

Especially formulated for delicate facial skin, this pure goat milk soap bar gently cleans and moisturizes without any residue. Perfect for all skin types. Made with the finest oils. botanicals, and vitamins and delicately scented with a hint of lavender blend.

Luxury Bar $8.00

Winner of the Top Three Best Goat Milk Soaps in America Award (October 2007), this wonderfully fragrant bar has pure, natural silk fibers added to it to leave your skin as smooth as silk

Spa Bar $8.00

This exfoliating bar has dead sea salts, blue poppy and strawberry seeds added to give a moisturizing clean with that extra bit of scrub!

Shaving Bars
Our premium quality shaving bars are made with the same fine ingredients as our premium soap bars – including the wonderfully moisturizing fresh goat milk - with the addition of natural emollient oils to produce a rich, creamy lather that makes shaving a delight! Each generously sized bar will provide long lasting luxurious lather for the life of the bar (made even longer lasting by using a soap dish, soapmitt or shaving mug) $8.00 each.
Shaving Bars $8.00

The clean, refreshing blend of this scent makes for a wonderful shaving bar, summer, winter, spring or fall.

Pure Goat Milk SoapPure Goat Milk Crème | Spa Baskets