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Award-Winning Goat Cheese made on the North Fork.


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Happy goats making cheese & body products since 2003

What started as a tiny goat farm in Mattituck is now the North Fork’s source for quality goat milk products.

With a passion for making the best cheese and skincare products around, we know you’ll find something to enjoy on our farm or to take home with you. We also pride ourselves on taking great care of all our animals. Whether you’d like to stop by our shop or tour our farm, you can count on finding happy goats and taking home some delicious cheese, natural moisturizing skincare, and more!


Why Goat Milk Products?

Goat Cheese ….

  • Is a great source of Vitamin A and calcium.
  • Is easy to digest because it contains less lactose than cow milk.
  • Contains more protein than nut milk or cow milk.
  • Contains lots of oligosaccharides, or “prebiotics” that are good for your gut.
[source: healthline.com]
Goat Milk Skincare….
  • Gently cleanses with high fat content (caprylic acid) that is good for maintaining and restoring moisture in skin.
  • Is nutrient-rich, as it contains vitamin A and selenium, which are believed to have anti-aging properties.
  • Contains lactic acid, a gentle alpha-hydroxy-acid (AHA) exfoliant suited for those with sensitive skin and those who are acne-prone.
[source: healthline.com]

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Friday – Sunday
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Cheese Selection available seasonally and only for local pickup! Body soaps and crème available year-round and shipped within the continental USA. 

Catapano Dairy Farm Baby with a goat

Delicious Cheese & Great Customer Service

If you are traveling on the North Fork of Long Island, grab a cooler bag and stock up on THE MOST DELICIOUS goat cheese and goat yogurt. The cheese varieties and flavors are unique and there is always something new. They also make skincare products from goat milk including soap and all kinds of moisturizers.

– Kittywill on TripAdvisor

Great place to visit, wonderful place to purchase cheese!

They are so friendly here and the farm is spotlessly clean! The best part of the day is at 4pm when they milk the goats it is a great activity for children and adults alike.

– Tug11 on TripAdvisor

We come once a year!

Delicious goat cheese and fresh farm eggs. It is great to see all the animals they have there. If you go later in the afternoon you may actually get to see them milk the goat. Definitely a great stop.

– Karen E on TripAdvisor