Goat Landscaping Services

Introducing the greenest, safest, most efficient way to clear hard-to-reach, overgrown areas on your
property: goats!

Unlike us humans, goats don’t mind poison ivy, thorns, brambles … in fact, they think they’re delicious!

You can rent our boys by the week, in teams of 4 to 8, depending on the size of the job. Price depends
on several factors, including how many goats are needed, how long they will need, the size of the area
to be cleared, whether there is an existing fence, to name a few. Take a look at some before and after
pictures on our page and frequently asked questions below!






I want to rent goats for an overgrown area on my property. Where do I start?
If you are within our service area (Suffolk County, east of Wading River/Shirley), we ask that you email
some photos of the area to be cleared to catapanodairy@gmail.com, along with the property address and a description/photos of fencing, if any. We then set up a time to come see the property so you can
also point out bushes or other plants you DON’T want the goats to eat, and can provide you with an
estimate on how much it will cost and how long we think it will take to clear. This is all FREE.

This all sounds good, I’m happy with the estimate. Now what?
You sign a contract with us, agreeing to monitor and water the goats in the morning and evening, and
releasing us from liability for such things as the goats eating your granny’s prized rosebush if you didn’t
point it out! Then we set a time to prepare the area and deliver your goats.

What do the goats need from me?
Goats just need fresh water and a bit of hay every day. We ask that you are present on the property
each morning and evening to provide water, do a head count and make sure all is well. (We promise,
they are pretty darn entertaining, you won’t mind!) We provide the rest, including 
water buckets, a temporary shelter and some hay. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide fencing. 

I live in Garden City. Can I hire goats to clear an overgrown area on my property?
Sorry, for now our boys don’t travel west of approximately Wading River/Shirley in Suffolk County.

I live in a suburban area on an overgrown lot. Can I rent your goats?
Please check with your town’s code to make sure animals like goats are allowed!
Sometimes towns
prohibit “farm animals.”

Can I hire goats to maintain my lawn?
No, goats are browsers, not grazers. They like to eat big weeds, bushes, vines, and the like. If you just
have a lawn to maintain, sheep are your best bet!

I have an overgrown area covered in poison ivy but it’s not fenced in. Can goats help?
No, sorry, goats are escape artists and really need a sturdy fence. But if you have a good fence, goats love poison ivy!

I have an overgrown area but I also own dogs. Can I still rent goats?
Yes, as long as you keep the dogs away from the goats. All dogs (even little ones!) have a bit of a natural
herding instinct and should never be left unattended or off-leash with goats.

I love goats and want to buy some. Will you sell goats to me?
Yes! We have baby goats for sale till approximately June. They must be sold in pairs because they get
lonely and will go looking for other goats/escape routes/trouble if there is just one. We will give you
lots of info to become successful goat parents!

Email catapanodairy@gmail.com or use the contact form on this page to sign up!

Goat Landscaping Inquiries