Our Goats

Our herd here at Catapano Dairy Farm consists primarily of three breeds:  Saanen, Alpine, and Lamancha.

Saanens originate in Switzerland, where they are called “Saanenziege.”  The Saanen breed is known for its high milk yield and has been imported to 80 countries. Saanens have white coats and erect ears.  They are the largest breed of Swiss goat.  Our herd is primarily made up of Saanen goats.

Alpines come from the French Alps and are known as excellent dairy goats.  Alpines can range in coat color from white or gray to brown and black, with no set color combination. They are typically slightly smaller in stature than Saanens.

Lamanchas are American goats, first bred in California in 1927. They are excellent milkers and are known for their quiet, docile nature. Their coats can be any color.  The most distinctive feature of Lamanchas is their lack of noticeable ears – they are usually only two inches long!

Our Horses

We have two miniature horses – Chloe and Cody.  Chloe is bay (dark brown) and she is Cody’s mom.  Cody is chestnut with a light mane and tail.